ADIMAS MEDIA INDUSTRY - Mekanikal & Electrical
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ADIMAS MEDIA INDUSTRY - Mekanikal & Electrical
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Mrs. Dian

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Y!: Y!: adimasmedia Y!: Y!: adimasmedia Y!: Y!: adimasmedia
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BlackBerry PIN: 28CA7ECF 28CA7ECF
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Phone number of Mrs. Dian at Glodok Jakbar
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Mobile number of Mrs. Dian at Glodok Jakbar
LTC-GLODOK LT.UG BLOK B1 NO.21 Jakarta Barat
Glodok Jakbar 11180, Jakarta
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Supplier-Distributor-Kontaktor dibidang Electrical & Piping System
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Cable Duct , kabel dak , wiring duct , tc , Albion, Unibell, KSS, KSS, UNIBELL, wiring duct Open Slot, wiring duct Close Solt, Decoration Wiring Duct, Mini trunking, Trunking , EGA , Waller , Liko
Wiring duct , cable duct KSS, Unibell, Ives, ALbion, T& Y, andes, EGA Trunking , Waller , Liko
wiring duct Open Slot, wiring duct
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